Why use Brainee Bee App
  • Thousands of unique excercise problems for K to Grade 6 with new ones added daily.
  • Review the lessons you have already taken.
  • Practise limited by time , the number of questions or both.
  • Adaptive to keep in pace with your child's development and to keep your childs interest alive. We continually re-assess child's ability in real time as your child practices, and we keep track of mastered skills and skills that need work. We move at your child's pace - never too fast, never too slow . We deliver a math curriculum best suited to the each child's needs at any point in time. We accelerate through strengths and practice more on weaknesses. We move at a pace appropriate to your child's learning.
  • Tracks your child's progress.You can use BraineeBee to quickly find skills by each standard. We provide you with readily available, real-time reports that show which lessons need extra work and what skills have been mastered. This way you can ensure your student has the skills to score well on your state's exam.
  • Earn virtual fun prizes, parents can challenge kids to do better by setting rewards. BraineeBee students have fun collecting virtual prizes by answering problems correctly and mastering new skills. We push students to new heights and to challenge themselves by aligning rewards with increased math mastery.
  • Automatic download of new lessons to your IPod touch or IPad for practice anywhere. Lessons are marked with the grade level and difficulty level for easy identification
  • Configurable Settings with which you can select vibrant backgrounds to make it fun !
  • Tracks your child's progress for specific skills.
  • Improve timing by allowing parents to set the time for a specified test.
  • Scribble notes while performing calculations which are saved for later review.
Latest News
June 30, 2011
BraineeBee lite 1.0
Dec 21, 2011
BraineeBee 1.0 launched
Dec 22, 2012
BraineeBee 2.0 launched
Jan 2, 2013
Braineebee 2.1 launched
How does it work?
Finally , are you ready to hear your kid asking for more math tests ? Great , Here is what you need to do . Search for Braineebee in itunes and it is just a click away.We would love to know your feedback. Visit out support page for more information .